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Our orchards are situated in the area of Milas. 

Milas is the seat and capital of Milas district which forms part of Muğla Province in southwestern Turkey. Milas is an ancient city with very rich history. It was the first capital of ancient Caria and of the Anatolian Beylik of Menteşe in medieval times. 

The Region

The region has a very active economy with a focus on agricultural farming and processing.

Olive farming, in particular, plays a great role in the local economy as nearly two-thirds of olive production in Muğla Province come from Milas. The soil is very suitable for olive farming and, more specifically, for the Memecik variety of olives.

Memecik olives are unique in the Milas region. The fruit is of medium size with an oval shape and a small nipple at its end. Memecik olives are considered to be higher in antioxidants compared to almost all the other Turkish olives and many international ones too. It is not by accident that Milas olive oil has been registered by the European Union as PDO and has the relevant certification.

Milas has a long history of olive oil production. Historical sources indicate that olive cultivation began in Anatolia approximately 6,000 years ago. During the Ottoman period, the region was very famous for its olive oil and exported large amounts of it, which significantly boosted its economy. 

Our Olive Groves

It took us quite a bit of traveling and searching until we finally found exactly the land that we were looking for. Here’s a little bit about our orchards.

Our olive groves are perennial and the method of farming that we use is purely organic. We are making every effort to obtain the relevant certification too. As true environmental advocates, we make sure that our methods truly respect nature, the local community, and everyone involved in the process.   

Our land covers 300 acres and splits into 4 different orchards.

Where is Milas?

Producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil our way...



The harvest of olive fruits takes place when the fruits are at their optimal stage of ripeness, usually between October and November.

We collect the olives with means that do not hurt or affect the fruits and the quality of the oil produced. We do the sorting manually and we carry the olives to our mill within open crates. The olives are processed the same day of harvest and no longer than 6 to 8 hours.


The Process

Olives arriving at the mill are being washed always with clean water of drinkable quality. They are being crushed by a crusher equipped with a cooling jacket in order to control the temperature of the olives during crushing operation and help enhance the olive oil's aromatic profile. The malaxation process takes place for 10 -20 minutes maximum in temperatures below 26oC ensuring that the olive oil produced will keep all its aromas, flavors and nutritional value.

Olive Oil


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superb example of the Memecik variety of Milas. 

Intense fruity and very harmonious in bitter and spicy it is ideal to accompany almost any dish.


Rich in beneficial phenols (antioxidants), it will protect and revitalize your body with just  

20gr per day!

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