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Memecik Variety of Turkey 


Our Story

Oro di Milas

Oro di Milas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the historic area of Milas in Turkey in a family-owned modern olive oil mill. It is the result of a great passion for olive trees and their precious juice and female entrepreneurship.

Our Inspiration

Tree of life (Hayat Ağacı)

Tree of life
(Hayat Ağacı)

Immortality, fertility, afterlife, connection between earth and heaven, between the physical and spiritual world, interconnectedness, togetherness, connection to the world, balance 

Mother nature (Elibelinde)

Mother nature (Elibelinde)

Fertility, life-giving, nurturing, point of origin, source of creation, 

mother goddess, a mother with child in womb, abundance or the hope of giving birth to healthy children, and the productivity of animals and plants.

Eye (Göz)



Ward off the evil eye,

emblem of protection, faith, and creative energy, spiritual insight, awareness

Olive leaf (Zeytin yaprağı)

Olive leaf
(Zeytin yaprağı)


Symbol of peace and victory, friendship, cleansing and healing, longevity, wisdom, purity, prosperity


Our Product

Oro di Milas

Harmonious, balanced, fragrant, and very tasty, Oro di Di Milas EVOO's express the uniqueness of their terroir. 

Full of aromas, they evoke feelings of artichoke, grass and tomato plant, giving rise to a harmonious and perfumed whole.

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Our Land

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